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Thanks to our patent pending technology, Market Specific Ads can offer clients the opportunity to advertise to both the Business and Recreational Traveler. If your business or service is looking to reach the third largest industry in America, we have developed technology allowing an advertiser the ability to reach travelers with their advertising campaign on a Local, Regional and National level.

Some advantages of Hotel Cable Television Advertising is that it can reach a specific Designated Marketing Areas (DMA’s) inside of Local, Regional and National markets. MSA has the ability to offer advertising on channels such as CNN, ESPN, A&E, Discovery, Fox News, Fox Sports, Lifetime, TBS, TNT, USA, TLC, HGTV and many more directly inside of the hotel room.  This is not a “hotel information channel”, the commercial advertising is imbedded into the network feed allow the traveler to see a commercial advertisement on the same Network they would watch at home.
National Statistics show that a typical Business Traveler remains in their hotel rooms 73% of the time. They are usually male (68%) in the age group of 35-54. Most business travelers hold professional or management positions with a medium income averaging over $70,000 a year. 40% of business travelers spend one night, 25% two nights and 35% spend three nights or more. The Industry is the nations third largest in revenue at $122.7 Billion in 2006. According to Smith Travel research the average room rate was $90.88 in 2005, with a national occupancy rate of 63.1%. 48% of all travelers are Business travelers.

National Statistics show that the Leisure travelers make up the largest segment of Hotel guests on a national basis (52%). 54% of leisure travelers are two adults, ages 35-54. 41% of all leisure travelers average $75,400+ in income a year. The typical leisure traveler travels by auto (74%), makes reservations (85%) and pays $94 per room per night. 45% of leisure travelers spend one night, 28% spend two nights and 27% stay three or more nights.

Individual states departments of tourism are projected to spend $667 million for development and promotions in travel and tourism in 2005-2006. The United States also receives a larger share of world international tourism than any other country in the world. In 2005 spending on travel totaled $82 billion, excluding passenger’s fares. In 2005 the U.S. share was 12.1%.

The average traveler’s television inside of a hotel is on 3.4 hours a day. They do not have access to a DVR or TIVO; they actually have to watch the commercials. They are affluent viewers with a limited channel line-up. This medium provides an advertiser to reach more people than they could in a standard cable system. This is because the audience they are reaching is constantly changing. These individuals are limited in proximity and are usually in constant view of a television.

In a technologically driven industry, MSA is leading other Advertising media companies in innovation and new market growth. MSA is the advertising company of the future; we would like to include your company today.

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