Colleges and Universities

Market Specific Ads has an impressive and always growing roster of college and university campus cable systems. From large state school universities to private and exclusive colleges, we make them available to your business For target advertising purposes, look at a college campus and the students within its specific zip codes exactly like a traditional cable system, with one very important advantage. The demographic of a college campus is ALWAYS 18-25. The current average age of a college graduate is between 23 and 25. The future of a college student's brand loyalty, not to mention their career disposable income can be captured for a lifetime while they are attending school. Having a college degree can mean millions of dollars of additional income over a lifetime. In addition, every college age student is a potential voter in local, state and/or national election. From rural schools that run the local economy to city based schools within a major DMA, we have an option for your business' success. Tens of thousands of students can be reached in cities like: Chicago, Cincinnati, Miami, Atlanta, Lexington, Dallas, and many more across the nation. Put your business in front of the correct demographic, all the time! Chose a college or university near your business. Markets Specific Ads puts together a cable advertising platform specific to your company's needs. Let us show you our current footprint!
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