National Cable Advertising

Just like the puzzle in our logo, Market Specific Ads can fit your national advertising puzzle together from a constantly growing footprint of exclusive private cable providers.

The cable advertising world is no longer only having to buy the "big city" cable provider's options (Comcast, Time Warner, Charter, Cox, ect.) or those of the far reaching and expensive regional broadcast networks.

Smaller local and regional cable companies, telco systems, retirement communities, dozens of elite college and universities across the nation, military bases and hotel rooms now deliver upwards of 30 percent of homes in some markets across the United States. Market Specific Ads delivers your business message into those households!

With current coverage in over 90 major elite markets and growing, dozens of major elite college and universities, AND hundreds of targeted communities and zip codes across the country, let Market Specific Ads put YOUR national footprint together to match YOUR target markets.

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