Market Specific Ads

Market Specific Ads is compiled of career executives from every aspect of the cable television advertising industry. Our knowledge stems from successful backgrounds as cable system operators, ad agency insiders, rep firm partners, ad content creators, software engineers, ad insertion hardware manufactures, and most important of all: cable advertising clients.

Through our executive lenses, we know first hand how to successfully provide potential advertisers the ability to reach cable television viewers inside their specific markets across the United States. In addition, our patent-pending technology allows us to insert your commercials into retirement communities, hotels, and dozens of major colleges and universities across the country.

Market Specific Ads is a turnkey operation, we do it all for you. For cable operators, we can sell your inventory with no cost to you. For advertisers, we can produce your commercial, target your market, target your demographic(s), and supply the proper frequency with affordable rates for ideal advertising success. We also supply you timely affidavits at the end of each month.

So, how do we do it? Through exclusive agreements with your area’s cable television provider. Market Specific Ads can precisely target the perfect consumers for your specific business.

If you are a cable provider looking for ad revenue, or an advertiser looking for an experienced organization to successfully deliver your message, Market Specific Ads can do it all.

Contact us and Market Specific Ads can take your business where you always dreamed!