Elite Colleges and Universities

For successful and proven target advertising purposes, look at a college or university campus and the students within its specific zip codes. They are exactly like a traditional cable system, with one very important advantage. The demographic of a college campus is ALWAYS 18-25. The current average age of a college graduate is just under 25.

The future of a college student's brand loyalty and political views, not to mention their career disposable income can be captured for a lifetime while they are in college.

Having a college degree can also mean millions of dollars of additional income over a lifetime. In addition, every college age student is a potential voter in a local, state and/or national election.

From rural schools that run the local economy to city based schools within a major DMA, we have an option for your business to INCREASE REVENUE. Tens of thousands of students can be reached in cities like: Chicago, Cincinnati, Miami, Atlanta, Lexington, Dallas, and many, many more across the nation.

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