Local and Regional Cable Advertising

Local cable advertising can be explained by how you've already seen it.......

Let's say you are watching a national network (ESPN, Fox News, CNN, TBS, TNT, ect.) and you see back to back commercials during a commercial break. Maybe the first commercial is for Ford, Mobile/Exxon, Travelers Insurance or Budweiser, and the second spot is for a "local" regional business you recognize....HOW? Market Specific Ads shows you how.

Local advertising insertion

All the national networks give 2 to 3 minutes of advertising time each hour to their local or regional cable provider to constitute "pay television" and offset ever rising carrier costs.

A couple of times per hour we can insert YOUR COMMERCIAL into the program breaks. Why should just worldwide companies like Amazon, HR Block, Starbucks, Wal Mart, Apple, and Microsoft get to advertise to homes down the street from your business!

Don't have a commercial yet? Don't worry, Market Specific Ads can do your production.

Put your business in the homes of the correct people. Let Market Specific Ads show you how easy and affordable it is.

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